3 Ways to Prepare for the Year One Competition

Before your team heads out to the EcoCAR 3 Year One Competition in Seattle, here’s how you can be the most prepared:

  1. Download the app: The EcoCAR 3 AVTC app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play is your all-access pass to EcoCAR 3. Thanks to the room locations and maps included in the app, navigating your way around the events is one less thing you have to worry about on competition day. The app also includes emergency contact information and a live social feed from Twitter using #EcoCAR3, #AVTC, and #y1competition.Chevrolet Camaro
  1. Bookmark the live stream link: Are you unable to attend the event in person? For the first time, you can be a part of the celebration with the live streaming of the entire awards ceremony. The stream won’t go live until the awards ceremony on June 4th, but we recommend bookmarking it on your browser now so you know just where to watch. Encourage your friends and family to watch the live stream, too!
  1. Follow EcoCAR 3 social channels: We’re sure by now the majority of teams are following EcoCAR 3 on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Following the program on these channels makes sure you don’t miss a thing. Also, when you’re talking about the event, be sure to use the #EcoCAR3 hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

We wish each and every team the best of luck next week.