Five Interesting Facts about Hybrid Electric Cars

BY: Sammy Eastburn

Eco-friendly cars have become increasingly popular since its release in the early 2000s. Hybrid cars have many benefits for the owner and the environment, and even come in sleek makes and models. In attempt to help curb the harmful effects of car emissions, many countries have pledged funds for electric car research and fuel efficiency. Gas prices have spiked in the last five years, causing more people to seek fuel alternatives. Here are five reasons you should switch to a hybrid:

  1. Hybrid cars can produce 90 percent less pollutants than comparable non-hybrid cars.
  2.  The United States government supports hybrid car ownership by allowing a tax write off. In 2005, this rebate was as high as $5,000 in some states.
  3. Hybrid cars show much lower depreciation rates than standard gasoline cars, making a hybrid car a great investment.
  4.  Hybrid cars are also incredibly quiet and comfortable to drive.  When you’re on the motorways, the car handles just like a fuel-powered car.  When you’re stuck in traffic in town, the engine will shut down and the car will run on batteries.
  5. With a hybrid electric car, you will save 15 to 20 percent on fuel costs compared to a normal car.  If an owner is a frequent driver, then their savings will add up quickly.

Investing in a hybrid electric car proves to be a great investment that will save its owner thousands in the long run. The University of Alabama’s EcoCAR 3 team hopes to change the perception of hybrid electric cars by informing students of the benefits. Sources:;