8 Ways to Drive More Eco-Friendly

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville EcoCAR 3 team shares tips to be more environmentally friendly in the car. Try to incorporate them all into your driving habits and do your part to help the environment! 

  1. Don’t speed. Gas mileage decreases significantly above 60 mph.  Innovation
  2. Avoid putting the pedal to the metal. Rapid acceleration draws more fuel and kills your gas mileage.
  3. Don’t idle. Sitting in an idling car does nothing but waste gasoline and send nasty emissions in to the atmosphere. 
  4. Check your tires. Flat, unaligned or unbalanced tires are a quick way to kill your MPG.  Remember to check your tires and get new ones when needed.  
  5. Splurge for the nicer engine oil. Oil with friction-reducing solutions can really help your engine glide. 
  6. Travel light. The lighter your vehicle, the less power your engine will have to produce to move it.  So clean out your car every once in a while, but don’t litter! 
  7. Carpool. Gather up the neighbors and your friends and carpool to work or school. 
  8. Swap your wheels. Dust off that bike and take it for a spin.  If you own a bike and are in close proximity to your school or office you should definitely consider taking it instead of your car.