A Safe Shop is a Happy Shop for RHIT

Every new year brings new team members, and making sure they understand shop safety is a critical and important aspect of the EcoCAR 2 program. That’s why the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) EcoCAR 2 Team has taken the initiative to increase safety awareness in their shop. At the beginning of each quarter, all EcoCAR 2 team members undergo extensive safety training before entering the shop, followed by safety tests that all members must pass.

Team member Josh King gets ready to enter the shop

Team member Josh King gets ready to enter the shop

After the training, the Rose-Hulman Mechanical Team keeps a sharp eye out for any violations of their strictly enforced safety rules. For example, students who wear unsafe clothing are asked to change clothes and return when properly dressed.  After three safety violations, the team member is asked to “take the worknight off” and is banned from working on the vehicle for that day.  If a team member continues to violate safety protocol, he or she is “locked out” of the shop and given another task to complete on the vehicle (for example, office or CAD work). Getting locked out may seem harsh, but these safety rules must be followed to keep all members of the mechanical team safe.

Safety is taken seriously and is an important aspect of the RHIT EcoCAR 2 program. By implementing rules and regulations and participating in simulations, RHIT can efficiently maintain safety and be prepared for safety inspections at final competition.