An Argonne Scientist’s Letter to Chicago: Upgrade your Fleet

As part of WBEZ’s “Dear Chicago” series, Forrest Jehlik, a scientist from Argonne National Laboratory, wrote a letter to the city of Chicago outlining why and how the city should green its fleet. Jehlik is an AVTC alumnus who was also a Technical Coordinator for Challenge X, the predecessor to EcoCAR.

Though Chicago has claimed to be “aggressive in terms of the environment” in the past, in 2010, less than 1% of the fuel budget for the city’s 13,000 vehicles was spent on alternative fuels.

Mr. Jehlik points out that to truly reduce Chicago’s environmental impact and dependence on fossil fuels, the city needs to examine logistics across the entire transportation system and explore multiple solutions. “There’s not one silver bullet,” writes Jehlik. “There are more like a lot of silver shotgun pellets, and you need to find the right silver pellet to address the issue.

To read Forrest Jehlik’s entire “Dear Chicago” letter, click here.