And the Winner of the EcoCAR 3 Year 2 Competition is…


The EcoCAR 3 Year Two competition has come to an end and it was Ohio State University who took home the award for First Place Overall. This is the third year in a row that Ohio State University has claimed the first place title. Following the first year of EcoCAR 3 which emphasized the use of math-based design tools and simulation techniques for designing a successful vehicle architecture that reduces energy consumption, well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions and tailpipe emissions, EcoCAR 3 teams received their Chevrolet Camaros in December of 2015 and have spent the last few months disassembling the existing powertrain and integrating the new powertrain configurations. EcoCAR 3 teams were then put to the test and traveled from all over the country to test their eco-friendly Camaro prototypes at the Year Two Competition in Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA!car

The Ohio State University EcoCAR 3 team has shown excellence and determination throughout Year 2. The team’s vehicle that arrived in Yuma was already well-built and integrated. The team was the first to complete Stage 2 of Safety Tech inspections and was also first to drive their vehicle at Competition. The team delivered a fully-integrated vehicle that was able to complete almost every single test in the inspection and demonstrated functionality from both their engine and ESS. The team’s integrated Camaro was even able to demonstrate functional emergency stops and pass all high voltage system safety checks.

In addition to receiving the award for First Place Overall, the team placed second in Project Management, and earned a third place finish in Communications. The team placed in the top 5 in 30 out of 36 scored deliverables, in which the team collected an impressive 11 first place finishes in those deliverables. The team has also set the groundwork for continued development in Year 3 by demonstrating industry grade processes for embedded controls and software development with first place finishes in the Electrical Systems Presentation, Control Systems Presentation, and Hardware in the Loop review.

We would also like to congratulate the Virginia Tech and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University teams for coming in second and third place, respectively. It’s been a great year of EcoCAR 3 and we look forward to seeing all of the incredible work each team will bring to Year Three!


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