Announcing the Emissions Testing Event

ETE 1From January 29th to February 9th, the Transportation Research Center (TRC) will host the Emissions Testing Event (ETE) at their facilities in East Liberty, Ohio. Over the course of two weeks, teams will attend the event in three separate waves to utilize TRC’s emissions dynamometer equipment intended to familiarize teams with industry practices and tools for emissions measurement and vehicle calibration.

Teams will have the opportunity to perform a number of tests on their vehicles and collect valuable data during their extensive testing to better prepare their vehicles for competition.

According to Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition Vehicle Systems Engineering and competition organizer, Lucas Shoults, “ETE presents students with an incredible opportunity to perform dynamometer testing in a controlled lab environment and gain insight and experience of how emissions testing is done in the automotive industry.” He added, “This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of EcoCAR 3 from ETE sponsor, TRC, who is supplying the dynamometer facility and technical support for this event.”

The ETE at TRC will be a highlight of EcoCAR 3 with teams testing their HSC strategies on both Horiba TC2 & AVL AWD TC3.

We look forward to the upcoming ETE and seeing you all at TRC!