Announcing the Year Three Awards Ceremony Location!

The Willard InterContinental

The Willard InterContinental

As our countdown clock shows, there are only 30 days left until the start of the EcoCAR 2 Year Three Competition! After years of hard work, the 15 participating North American university teams are getting ready to face off in this final competition which will decide the overall winner of EcoCAR 2. To help get the teams excited, we’re announcing the location of the Year Three Awards Ceremony – the historic Willard InterContinental in Washington, DC!

Located just two blocks from the White House, the Willard InterContinental has hosted thousands of famous people and dignitaries over its nearly two centuries in existence. Every U.S. president since Franklin Pierce (1853-57) has, at least once, either stayed or attended an event at the Willard, earning it the nickname “the Residence of Presidents.” In November of 1861, during the early months of the Civil War, Julia Ward Howe wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in her room at the Willard. More recently, Martin Luther King, Jr. put the finishing touches on his “I Have A Dream” speech in his suite at the hotel the night before he delivered it at the Lincoln Memorial – less than a mile and a half away.

Good luck to everyone participating in EcoCAR 2 – we’ll see you in a month!