The Future of Automotive Engineering Today: Arizona State’s Justin Muilenberg

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Justin Muilenberg stayed close to home by attending Arizona State University (ASU). In 2008, Muilenberg began his career at ASU as a business student. After the first year, he realized it was not the right area for him and decided to pursue a career as a collision repair technician. During this time, he fixed and replaced electrical, mechanical and body components on crashed vehicles. He eventually decided that he would rather engineer electrical and mechanical components, instead of fixing them. This realization lead him back to ASU for a degree in engineering, where he joined the EcoCAR 3 team. Muilenberg is studying engineering with concentrations in mechanical systems and manufacturing. In his role on the ASU EcoCAR 3 team, he assists with finances and has also contributed to stakeholder management.   In the future, Muilenberg plans to pursue a master’s degree so he can continue to strengthen his knowledge and abilities. Muilenberg has been a strong member of the ASU EcoCAR 3 team and is looking forward to Year Two. Learn more about his experiences in the video below.