ASU EcoCAR 3 at Night of the Open Door

ASU_ASU EcoCAR 3 at Night of the Open Door_Image_1

As the largest public university in the nation, Arizona State University is home to some amazing students, projects, innovations, start-ups, and of course, an amazing EcoCAR 3 team! ASU’s EcoCAR 3 team participated in ASU’s annual open house, Night of the Open Door. ASU opened many of its facilities to the public in order to show case some of the amazing work that both faculty and students are doing.

This was an opportunity for the EcoCAR 3 team at ASU to do some outreach and not only show off the Camaro they are turning into a high performance hybrid, but also to show youth how amazing sustainability can be through some fun activities. Members of the communications and engineering teams spent time working with youth to help them build their own mini eco-vehicles using recycled materials. They were able to spend some time sharing sustainable practices with these young minds and believe that they could be EcoCAR members of the future!

Curious about the activity we worked on with students? Check out the video below to learn more.