EcoCAR 3 is Arizona State University’s (ASU) first opportunity to participate in an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. ASU’s Automotive Program officially began in 2009 with instruction from James Contes and foundation from Dr. Scott Danielson. The ASU EcoCAR 3 team is comprised of multidisciplinary studies which includes graduate and undergraduate engineering, business, communication, graphic information technology, entrepreneurship, and journalism students. These students come from three different campuses and structure to form 7 sub-teams: mechanical, electrical, controls, systems modeling & simulation, innovation, project management and communications. Team members are responsible for meeting deliverables throughout all 4 years in areas of engineering, project management and communications. Team membership allows students to earn credit toward their degrees and gain hands-on experience engineering, managing, and creating communications content in an automotive industry-like setting.

ASU's EcoCAR 3 team received an award in year one of the competition for the best collaboration with a Clean Cities. After having gained a year of experience in the competition, they are looking to bring the heat to year two of the competition!




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Are you looking to become part of the ASU EcoCAR 3 team? Contact the Communications Manager, Mattie Whitt at mlwhitt@asu.edu

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