Arizona State University

Our Plan

Arizona has a long history of being home to performance vehicle enthusiasts with a wide variety of car shows happening almost every weekend of the year. This history was a major consideration in the development of overall team goals. After surveying the public and researching current technologies, a set of technical team goals was developed (shown below). The overall goal of the ASU EcoCAR 3 team is to design a performance vehicle that meets the needs of muscle car enthusiasts around the country but still maintains an efficiency level expected for a plug in hybrid electric vehicle. To build such a vehicle, component selection was carefully balanced between improving vehicle efficiency and maintaining vehicle performance. This consideration led to the selection of a rather large 18.9 kWh battery pack for a longer all electric range and a 140 kW electric motor to provide the extra power Arizona consumers are looking for in a performance vehicle.  The ASU EcoCAR team hopes that this vehicle will create a new market segment where performance and efficiency will go hand in hand.

Technical goals

  • 0 - 60 MPH Time: 5 Seconds
  • 50 - 70 MPH: 4 Seconds
  • Total Vehicle Range: 200 mi (322 km)
  • All Electric Range: 30 mi
  • Total Energy Consumption: 417 wh/km (50 mpgge)
  • WTW PE Use: 600 Wh PE/km