Our Plan


The University of Alabama's Camaro will be a Series-Parallel Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powered by E85 fuel and grid electricity. The UA EcoCAR 3 Team aims to maintain the performance and improve the fuel economy of the 2016 stock Camaro while reducing emissions. The team’s PHEV has a 2.4 liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine supplemented by two electric motors which allow the Camaro to function in four different powerflows: EV, series, parallel and series-parallel. The team plans to re-engineer the gasoline-powered 2016 Camaro into a blended plug-in hybrid. As a blended plug-in hybrid, the Camaro will have the ability to optimally select among the three power sources. The team's efficiency-based control strategy will run the engine and electric motors in combination to supply driver-demanded torque with minimum fuel consumption.  

Technical goals


  • Design and build a performance, plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle that delivers excitement to drivers with minimal environmental impact.
  • Maintain vehicle system safety as well as consumer acceptability in the areas of performance and fuel economy.
  • Implement innovation without sacrificing recreation.