How to Become a Role Model for Middle School Girl Engineers

BY: Donghee Lee, Communications Manager at Penn State

Saturday is usually a day-off for college and middle school students, but the Advanced Vehicle Team and State College middle school girls were busy gaining hands-on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics experience.

On January 31, four Penn State University Advanced Vehicle Team (PSU AVT) members mentored a group of middle school girls to foster their awareness of and interest in STEM career opportunities. Hosted by the Penn State Eberly College of Sciences, the Expanding Your Horizons STEM Career Day for Girls event provided the team with a great opportunity to interact with young female scientists throughout the day.

Two male engineers and two communications team members led a group of 30 girls through four workshops. While we did not have a female engineer representing the PSU AVT, we could show them different ways non-engineers can get involved in STEM fields. Needless to say, the EcoCAR 3 communications team daily interacts with science and spreads awareness of STEM information!

The team’s male engineers were also a great supporter for the aspiring girl scientists. They explained that our society does not have enough women in STEM careers, and they are very much needed. With no exception, the EcoCAR 3 teams are always looking for talented women engineers!

It was a long Saturday learning about science, but team members said STEM Career Day for Girls was one the most rewarding youth events of the year.

Picture 1“I am incredibly happy to see so many inspiring young female scientists,” said the Communications Manager Donghee Lee, “These girls are smart and ambitious. They are ready to be the world’s next generation of STEM professionals.”