Building a Better Battery: Argonne in the Economist

Batteries might just be clean technology’s best-kept secret. New advances in solar panels or wind turbine designs get headlines – which is great – but to enable those technologies to drive sweeping changes in society’s use of energy, we need batteries that can store more energy for longer and be reproduced on an industrial scale.

But now word is getting out into the mainstream: This week, an article in The Economist highlighted Argonne’s new Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), a hub designed to achieve revolutionary advances in battery performance. According to the article:

“Batteries are a hugely important technology. Modern life would be impossible without them. But many engineers find them disappointing and feel that they could be better still. Produce the right battery at the right price, these engineers think, and you could make the internal-combustion engine redundant and usher in a world in which free fuel, in the form of wind and solar energy, was the norm. That really would be a revolution.”

At EcoCAR, we’re incredibly proud of the work JCESR is doing to create the next generation of energy storage devices. Who knows, the batteries developed at JCESR might one day be used in EcoCAR vehicles!