Cal State-Los Angeles Interviews California Air Resources Board about Their Commitment to AVTCs

California Air Resources Board (CARB) has become the “clean air agency” in the government of California. California is the only state to have such a regulatory agency that focuses on the aspect of clean air quality. CARB’s role in reducing greenhouse gases include pushing for an alternative fuel vehicle incentive program throughout the state, continue to enact California’s zero-emissions vehicle program to promote the use of ZEVs, enforce the state’s low-carbon fuel standard among the growing market, and lastly conduct research through their funded PHEV Research Center where issues and research questions are solved specifically for PHEVs.

In conjunction, CARB has been a sponsor of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) for many years, donating financially, providing dyno testing for team vehicles, and other services to the teams in the competition. For EcoCAR 2, CARB has provided the Cal State-Los Angeles team with mentorship and guidance towards the goal of reducing pollution and greenhouse gases in one of America’s most polluted ridden cities. Thanks to CARB’s contributions to clean air quality, California has seen some of its cleanest air in almost 50 years. The CSULA team wants to thank CARB for their commitment to clean air quality, reducing pollution, and for pushing more PHEVs on the roads of California.

With conjunction to this blog, please check out the sponsor collaboration blog with CARB and their Office of the Chairman Communications, John Swanton on YouTube!