Canada is in the Green Car Race too

A Toronto company recently made huge strides in the pursuit to make the best battery for electric vehicles. After 15 years of plugging away at lith-ion technology, Electrovaya, Inc, has put Canada on the battery map with the US, Japan and South Korea. The company was recently awarded two contracts to supply Chrysler with Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery systems for 25 Plug-In Hybrid minivans and 140 Plug-In Hybrid pickup trucks.

What sets Electrovaya apart from other companies making Lithium Ion batteries? A lack of N-methyl-pyrrolidone, also known as NMP, in their products. The US Environmental Protection Agency puts this chemical in the same toxic category as mercury and asbestos. CEO of Electrovaya, Sankar DasGupta, says that the company wanted nothing to do with NMP when they found out how detrimental it is to human health. Green vehicles should be built with the future always in mind.

Electrovaya isn’t the only Canadian institution making green auto innovations – three of the teams participating in EcoCAR 2 also hail from north of the border: The University of Victoria, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and University of Waterloo. Way to go, Canada!