Clean Cities Coordinators Learn about the Workforce Development Program

Recently, Clean Cities Coordinators from around the country came together to talk about current topics in the energy and transportation field. While there, they learned more about the Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program (CCUWDP).

The Clean Cities Peer Exchange was held on the campus of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO, in early December. In attendance were Coordinators and staff representing the over 100 Coalitions that make up the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, including some Coordinators who began their careers as students in CCUWDP.

McAlpin, right, meets with Clean Cities Coordinators to discuss the nationwide workforce development program


The Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program is a DOE program that places students at Coalitions around the country each semester. Students are from a diverse set of majors, and assist the Coalitions with research, communication, stakeholder outreach, and a portfolio of other projects. Students have gone on to positions in energy, transportation, public relations, as well as at Clean Cities Coalitions.

Amanda McAlpin, Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program Coordinator, gave several round table presentations on CCUWDP to the Coordinators. Kathryn Saphire, a former CCUWDP student, was a guest at the presentations and spoke about her experience with the program and how it led to a position with one of her Coalition’s stakeholders.