Collaboration between EcoCAR 2 and Clean Cities Leads to an Internship for an Ohio State Team Member

Since June, Tyler Joswick has been the Clean Cities University Workforce Development (CCUWDP) intern at Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) in Columbus, Ohio. This is his story on how the collaboration between EcoCAR 2 and Clean Cities led to this amazing internship!

“I was first introduced to Clean Fuels Ohio and the Clean Cities Program through my involvement with The Ohio State University EcoCAR 2 Team last year, my final year of undergraduate education at The Ohio State University.

In my position as Co-Outreach Team Leader with the OSU EcoCAR 2 Team, I worked closely with Clean Fuels Ohio, collaborating on public outreach events. The EcoCAR program is a great way to showcase education and advanced vehicle technologies. It was a natural fit into almost any event or presentation by Clean Fuels Ohio.

The OSU Team worked closely with Clean Fuels Ohio on a few key events, including a public screening of the movie Revenge of the Electric Car and a green automotive display for the Columbus International Auto Show. Because of the number of events attended by both Clean Fuels Ohio and the EcoCAR Team, we even bought SWAG together: car wash sponges with our logos on them, so that even if you don’t have a hybrid, you can still drive clean!

Because of my experiences in website design, multimedia production and outreach with the EcoCAR team, I was qualified to be the CCWUDP intern at Clean Fuels Ohio while I get my MBA. So far this summer, I have helped redesign the Clean Fuels Ohio Website and I will soon be producing a series of success story videos.

My position with CFO would not be possible if it wasn’t for my participation in EcoCAR 2. I am enjoying my internship with CFO and hope to further the collaboration between both programs in the future!”