Colorado State Students Showcase a Year’s Worth of Hard Work

CSU team members at E-Days

CSU team members at E-Days

Senior students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering gathered in Colorado State’s (CSU) central plaza at the end of Year Two to showcase the hard work they put into their EcoCAR 2 vehicle (titled “H2eV”).

E-Days provide seniors in the College of Engineering with the opportunity to display their senior design projects. Each group from the Vehicle Innovation Team (VIT) (User Interface, Controls, Mechanical, Fuel Cell and Energy Storage) presented their work to community members, industry professionals and current and prospective students interested in engineering programs at CSU.

According to Allison Kotewicz, leader for the Energy Storage team, “being reviewed by judges from industry helps to keep team members professional and accountable.” She says that the best aspect of E-Days is being able to share the project with those who are excited to hear about it. “EcoCAR 2 is a big deal for all of us who participate in it, so the more students and community members we can tell about it, the more rewarding it becomes,” says Kotewicz.

For Mechanical team leader Ben Neuner, the most striking aspect of E-Days was to reflect on the progress the VIT team has made in less than one academic year. “In August of last year, we were presented with a regular Malibu and in eight months our team was able to turn that car into one of the most innovative alternative vehicles in the EcoCAR 2 competition. The car looked clean, professional and most importantly, we were able to spin the wheels for everyone who wanted to watch.”

Both Kotewicz and Neuner stressed the importance of leaving the best possible EcoCAR 2 vehicle for next year’s team. Finishing Year Two strong was a goal for the entire team. “I was very proud not only of my team’s work, but also the work of the four other teams as we put our car on display for the entire student body. Although there were some glitches, our hard work and many sleepless nights shone through,” says Neuner.