Colorado State Vehicle Innovation Team Making Forward Progress

Written by Torie Hawn, Communications Manager for Colorado State University

Colorado State University’s Vehicle Innovation Team has been participating in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) since the Methanol Marathon in 1988.

The current team – consisting of 32 team members from engineering, project management, and communications backgrounds – is very excited by the prospect of working on EcoCAR 3. This group of engineers has selected this project for their senior design class, meaning that all engineering members, except for one junior, and our Graduate Research Assistants, are seniors at Colorado State, looking to make a future in engineering.

In this video, three team members – from the battery team, mechanical team, and powertrain team – talk about their experiences in EcoCAR 3, and how it presents a great opportunity for them.

Our team members recognize the inherent value in getting real-world experience provided by this competition, and strive to make a car for a more sustainable future. This team wants to make forward progress, and EcoCAR 3 is their outlet to do so.