Colorado State University

Our Plan

The CSU Vehicle Innovation Team will be re-engineering their 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a plug in hybrid-electric vehicle running on E85 fuel as well as battery power through 2018. Specifically, the team is approaching their design with a parallel pre-transmission system that offers simplicity and efficiency.

Technical goals

Technically, the car incorporates a GM 2.4L Ecotec LEA engine, a Remy HVH250-115 motor, a GM 8L 45 transmission, and an A123 15s3p 7 module battery stored in the trunk. The goal of the design is to have a unique streamlined process incorporating a custom-made shaft as the cornerstone of this parallel pre-transmission system. As stated above, this design offers simplicity and efficiency. In order to achieve the technical goals of this competition, the vehicle has a number of design components that will help to maintain the Camaro feel of speed and power, while offering a more sustainable alternative through its EV mode. To engage EV mode, one simply disengages the clutch to run on an all-electric range of 20-25 miles, suitable for most commuters. A driver can also achieve 187 horsepower and 309 lbs/ft of torque in strictly EV mode. When the clutch is engaged, the vehicle runs on 350 horsepower and up to 460 lbs/ft of torque, giving the driver the Camaro experience. Also, the car will run on E85 fuel, a gasoline mixture with up to 85% ethanol, as opposed to traditional gasoline. Overall, the car will have upwards of 30 mpg with these technical adjustments.