Coming Soon: The Best Website Award

On Friday, EcoCAR 2 will announce the winner of an important outreach award. The “Best Website” award will highlight the team that did the best job creating a team website for Year One. Teams had to create a new website that highlights the EcoCAR 2 program, including team and university information, key messages of the EcoCAR 2 program, sponsors, team vehicle architectures, an alumni section, media center, and more!

Teams also had to film and create a team introduction video to be featured on their website! These videos included an introduction about the team, the team’s vehicle architecture and the importance of EcoCAR 2 at their university.

The Outreach Coordinators are hopeful… who will the winners be?

The Best Website award earns a cash prize for the winning team so the EcoCAR 2 competitors will be excited to hear the outcome – be sure to check back on Friday to see who won!