Community, Students Learn About PSU Architecture

The Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team is spreading the word about EcoCAR 2 and green vehicle designs to media, schoolchildren, community members, faculty and staff. The team even held an event to showcase its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle architecture.

At the event, Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities Executive Director Rick Price and PSU EcoCAR 2 Outreach Coordinator Allison Lilly spoke to visitors about the progress made in advanced vehicle technology and alternative fuels. Although the PSU AVT is more familiar with the reengineering of vehicles, Clean Cities knows about the advances made in infrastructure and alternative fuels that will support new vehicle technologies in the future. With experts on both ends of the spectrum present, visitors were able to ask questions and learn how they too can impact the automotive industry.

In addition to engaging presentations from the speakers, team members also held a scavenger hunt for the visiting middle school students. After learning about advanced vehicle technologies and taking a tour of the garage, the students scurried around searching for answers to questions and competed to win a first place prize.

Team members were also able to take media on ride and drives in a Chevrolet Volt at the Larson Transportation Institute’s test track facilities located a few miles off campus. This gave members the chance to explain the hybrid technology to reporters in a hands-on way so they could gain a complete understanding of its inner workings.

“We are thrilled we got to host such a unique event in State College,” said Lilly. “By discussing energy awareness in the community, we wanted to show that every person can make a difference in cleaner transportation.”