Counting Down to Chevrolet’s 100-year Anniversary!

General Motors has reason to celebrate! On November 3, Chevrolet, one of the most famous brands under GM, will commemorate its centennial. The important milestone for GM represents 100 years of automotive heritage in the United States and Chevrolet has certainly made impressive strides in the industry. Nowadays, Chevrolet is known for innovation with fuel efficiency, plug-in electric vehicles, and expressive design. To learn more about the centennial celebration, visit Chevy 100.

The EcoCAR 2 teams are incredibly excited to work with a new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, donated by General Motors, as the integration platform for their advanced vehicle design. You could even say that the teams’ work with the vehicle is their own way of celebrating the Chevrolet brand.

Cheers to you, Chevrolet!