CSULA at the Electric Vehicle Symposium

The Cal State LA EcoCAR 2 team had a great time at the 26th Annual Electric Vehicle Symposium! If you enjoy electrical components as much as CSULA and the rest of our EcoCAR 2 competitors, EVS26 was right up your alley: It was a gadget-fest. Component manufacturers from all around the world were in attendance, and if you were looking for a specific rare earth magnet to put in your high powered electric vehicle motor, it was the place to be.

Multiple examples of electric vehicles were also represented. The classic GM EV1 was there; as well as some new interpretations of what electric and hybrid vehicles can be.

The team also enjoyed spending time with the wonderful Siemens folks, especially Jerry and Dave, who played hosts to the fully-wrapped 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, but also gave the team invaluable advice when it came to interacting with participants and “plugging them in” to EcoCAR 2 (pun fully intended).

Several EcoCAR 2 teams also gave research poster presentations at the conference including Colorado State, Virginia Tech and Rose-Hulman.

CSULA was glad to have the opportunity to see how the industry interacts and how new ideas are presented to the market. It was also interesting for the team to see how ideas evolve and take new shape. Team members hope that as part of EcoCAR 2 they too can evolve in knowledge and scope!