CSULA Represents EcoCAR 2 at AltCar Expo

At this year’s AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, The Cal State LA EcoCAR 2 team proudly displayed its Chevy Malibu Eco alongside the Volt in the Chevy Recharge Lounge.

Since EcoCAR 2 and The AltCar Expo promote the use of advanced sustainable vehicle technologies, Chevy asked the team to participate in the event and also display its vehicle. The Recharge Lounge was an amazingly designed space. It had gourmet lemonades, a Panini bar, a DJ, and a spot to lounge while enjoying free Chevy-supplied Wi-Fi all day.

The CSULA EcoCAR 2 vehicle was displayed next to the Chevy Volt, and a lot of people were curious about the project. CSULA is currently working on building a parallel-through-the-road plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PTTR PHEV). The design will have an E85 flex fuel engine in the front drivetrain and an electric drivetrain in the rear of the vehicle. The EcoCAR will also have a 40-mile electric range that seamlessly converts to traditional hybrid using a flex fuel engine.

The team got a lot of feedback on its design plans at the event, which sparked conversation about renewable energy and ways the automotive industry could make use of alternative vehicles. CSULA was also able to spread the word about the competition and received amazing support from the public. They even got the chance to be interviewed by KTLA 5’s Gayle Anderson!

It was a wonderful experience for the team to demonstrate its project to people and see other automotive companies interacting with spectators. The ambience was upbeat and CSULA looks forward to meeting more people as team members continue on in the competition.

Thanks GM for featuring the CSULA team in their West Coast Electric Car blog. You can check out the article they wrote at http://www.thefutureiselectric.com/2012/10/csula-ecocar-2-represents-at-altcar-expo/