CSU’s EcoCAR 2 Team Collaborates to Create HPEV Education Program

It’s all about HPEV education for Colorado State University’s EcoCAR 2 team.  The team desired to create a hands-on, interactive, fun electric vehicle youth education program for ages 11-14, educators and others in the community. That’s how the Vehicle Electrification Education Program (VEEP) was born.

VEEP was created in conjunction with CSU Ventures, a nonprofit organization designed to promote innovative technologies on the CSU campus. CSU Ventures is an essential supporter and collaborator with CSU’s EcoCar 2 team.

VEEP put together a hands-on “Regenerate Kit” to be used by kids, educators and community members. The kit is an easy and fun way to explain how vehicle electrification works by conducting an easy experiment. It explains how electrons are transmitted through a battery to create renewable energy. Instead of wasting good kinetic energy into thin air, that energy can be converted into functional potential energy. This kit answers the question of where the energy goes and gives a solution to issues associated with wasted energy. The kit also includes a list of questions that students can ask members of CSU’s EcoCAR 2 team.

VEEP was created to help students and community members understand the benefits of vehicle electrification. By implementing programs that further the science and discovery of ways to take advantage of the resources around us, we can create a healthier environment.