Day 1 of EcoCAR Finals Comes to a Close

As Day 1 of EcoCAR came to a close late Monday evening, students were in high spirits as six EcoCAR teams passed Safety & Technical Inspection!

The Ohio State team works on their vehicle

Teams had to undergo a 300-point safety inspection as part of the qualifying process to compete in scored dynamic events. The inspection includes items such as checking the vehicle braking system, testing the vehicle for oil and exhaust leaks, and making sure the high voltage system is safe and secure.

The first six teams to pass Safety & Technical Inspection were:

1.       Mississippi State University

2.       Virginia Tech

3.       Embry-Riddle

4.       Penn State University

5.       Ohio State University

6.       Georgia Tech

These six teams have now moved on to other qualifying events, including on road safety evaluation, and then they will proceed to scored dynamic events! Stay updated on the competition by following our Twitter and Facebook accounts!