Day 3: Getting Down to Business in the Garage

Today was a productive day at General Motors Milford Proving Grounds. By early evening, six teams passed the 300-point safety and technical inspection, including Ohio State University, Wayne State University, Penn State University, Embry-Riddle, Virginia Tech, and Colorado State. While the remaining teams are working on the items still needed to pass, they have until to Friday afternoon to pass safety tech to compete in dynamic events.

Once teams pass safety tech, they perform an on-road safety evaluation.  “On-road safety evaluation allows us to test the stability, handling, steering, and braking of the student vehicles,” said event captain Kyle Holihan. “Safety is of the utmost importance to the competition.”


Ohio State University participates in on-road safety evaluation

Ohio State University participates in on-road safety evaluation

Teams can then compete in other dynamic events, including acceleration and braking, maximum lateral acceleration, AVL DRIVE Quality, dynamic consumer acceptability, autocross, and emissions and energy consumption. These events calculate for more than 520 of the 1,000 points for the competition.

The teams still have two hours before pits close for the evening. To receive the latest updates on the EcoCAR 2 teams, follow Twitter and Facebook and make sure to view all competition photos on Instagram and Flickr!