Dear Snap-on, We Couldn’t do it Without You!

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) is excited to highlight the importance of competition sponsor, Snap-on, whose tools are invaluable in the work we do during the EcoCAR3 Competition.  Snap-on contributes tools through the competition to our team. We use these tools on a daily basis to do highly technical work on our 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. We decided to highlight the importance of these physical resources because it is indisputable that Snap-on’s contribution to UWAFT is extremely valuable. We truly appreciate Snap-on’s involvement in EcoCAR3 and the opportunity our team has to use Snap-on’s performance tools to work on our Camaro. UWAFT is looking forward to putting our gifted Snap-on tools to good use while converting our Camaro into a hybrid-electric vehicle!

Watch the video below to see how vital Snap-on is to the UWAFT team: