Decisions Decisions! MSU’s Year One Preparations

With the EcoCAR 2 competition well underway for Year one, the Mississippi State University EcoCAR 2 team has recently been shoulder deep in component and architecture research, literature reviews and training the ‘new hires’ on the various software programs they will be using for the next several years of the competition. Planning everything from an overall budget, to sponsorships roles and outreach endeavors are also an integral part of the current team undertakings.

Year one is all about carefully selecting a specific architecture as well as meticulously picking over which specific components will bring the team the best overall results. Many, many hours of modeling, calculating and designing go into this year but every decision the team makes during Year One will affect it throughout the rest of the competition.

Just what components will MSU use to implement its proposed design? Only time will tell, but there will be more information to come soon! In the meantime, make sure to keep up to date with the team’s progress and events by visiting its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter as well as the brand new website!