Despite Rain, Georgia Tech Receives its GM Vehicle


October 15, 2009 was a cold and rainy day in Atlanta, GA. A very depressing day for most, but it was a day the Georgia Tech EcoCAR team would remember for years to come! The team had been waiting for this day since it was announced they would be competing in the EcoCAR Challenge. The day would changes their lives as they knew it. It was the day the team received its 2009 GM-donated vehicle!

As the team waited for the vehicle to arrive, the anticipation rose and the excitement was noticeable on all the faces present at the Vehicle Reception Ceremony. To make the day even better, the rain stopped and the sun poked through the clouds when the delivery truck pulled up.  The EcoCAR had finally arrived and it was a sight to see! The team’s EcoCAR and Snap-On Toolkit brought an end to their wait, but a beginning to the next phase of the Challenge. The Georgia Tech EcoCAR team is…READY!

The team would like to thank all the EcoCAR sponsors for making their dreams a reality – they are geared up and ready to go!

Stay tuned for all of the Real Time BuzZ action: the Georgia Tech team will be tweeting, blogging and Facebooking during Year 2!