DOE Launches “Apps for Vehicles” Challenge!

As part of the Energy Data Initiative – a White House program to harness the power of energy-related data – the U.S. Department of Energy is launching a brand new challenge! Apps for Vehicles is a competition to develop applications that allow drivers to access open vehicle data.

According to the challenge’s website, “The data streams are diverse, but generally include text-based information on things like engine speed, brake position, headlights on/off, and distance covered since restart. This vehicle data has long been available to mechanics and technicians using specialized equipment.  But by applying open data principles, individuals will be able to readily access this on-board data directly through Bluetooth, USB and other standard hardware. Associated platforms will enable vehicle owners to provide this data to authorized third-party developers to create and then deliver new apps, products, and services.  As a result, these third-party developers will help Americans while also creating jobs.”

The DOE will issue cash awards of up to $10,000 to five winning entries based on business plans, compelling ideas and the products themselves. Much like EcoCAR 2 vehicles, applications will be evaluated based on their potential impact, creativity and innovation and plan viability.

To learn more or enter the challenge, visit