Driving the Emissions and Energy Consumption Event

After seven days at General Motors Desert Proving Grounds, EcoCAR 2 teams have packed up their pits and prepped their vehicles to be transported to the second leg of the Year Two Competition in San Diego, California.

But before they were packing up their pits, many teams were out on the Circle Track in the early morning and overnight hours for the 100+ mile Emissions and Energy Consumption (E&EC) event. In fact, we had 11 teams attempt E&EC this year!

The E&EC event measures the mass of liquid fuel consumed during the trip modally by using the SEMTECH emissions equipment and carbon counting, and the total mass of fuel for the trip will be validated by comparing the starting and finishing liquid fuel tank masses. The event also calculates for petroleum energy use, criteria emissions, and well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions, and is worth more than 300 out of the 1,000 points in the Year Two Competition.

Learn more about the E&EC Year Two Competition event by watching the video below! As always, stay up-to-date with the Year Two Competition by checking out Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.