dSPACE Embedded Success Award Winners

This is a special sponsor blog from Santhosh Jogi, Director of Engineering, and Alicia Garrison, Marketing Manager, at dSPACE, Inc.

Earlier this spring, dSPACE challenged EcoCAR 2 teams to get creative. Students were encouraged to compete for the annual dSPACE Embedded Success Award by producing a video to promote dSPACE engineering tools and services to potential customers.

The entries that were submitted far exceeded our expectations. It was interesting to see the different approaches teams took in creating their videos, and what key messages they chose to communicate to viewers about dSPACE.

On behalf of dSPACE, we want to thank the teams for their efforts in producing these videos.

The 1st Place winner was Mississippi State University (featured below), who did an outstanding job of showcasing the primary challenges that customers can identify with and the resulting benefits of using dSPACE tools.

dSPACE would also like to recognize Virginia Tech, who won the 2nd Place award, and Penn State University and Embry-Riddle, who tied for 3rd Place.

Again, congratulations to all EcoCAR 2 teams and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the program over this past year.