EarthPM Gives Their Recap of Winter Workshop Project Management Training

By Rich Maltzman, PMP, and Dave Shirley, PMP, of EarthPM

After meeting the students, advisors, and sponsors at the Fall Workshop, we were impressed, and we said so.  We were impressed with (and encouraged by) the program itself, but much more so with the people involved.

That was then.  Now, at the Winter Workshop, we had a chance to really meet some of you and to talk with you once again, in more depth, about project management, about the way you really run projects, the way you really tick.

And now the truth comes out.

Yeah, you guessed it – now we’re even more impressed.

This time we noticed a change.  The students sought us out.  They asked more questions during the workshop.  They asked deeper, more probing, insightful questions during the workshop. They plunked themselves down at the lunch table next to us and asked for help on specific project scenarios. They cornered us in the classroom to share project anecdotes and ask project questions.

And we loved it. We hope we were able to help in those special cases, and we know that we learned a lot from the students. As far as our workshop itself, we expect that we surprised and even disturbed the participants (in a good way) a little with the way the Monty Hall Problem turned out. We’re pretty sure the teams had fun helping Fishbone Pizza Shops work out their delivery problems. And we assert that if the participants reflect back on these things it will help them in their EcoCAR 2 work.

This has been a great partnership for EarthPM and we hope it continues as the folks involved with EcoCAR 2 continue this tremendous program.  Our best wishes go out to sponsors, students, and faculty – to all involved, and we hope to see you again down the road!  We’d be honored to participate again.

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