EarthPM is Ready for the Winter Workshop

EarthPM will again host project management training at the upcoming Winter Workshop in Austin, Texas. Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley give some insight into the upcoming training session and how excited they are to work with EcoCAR 2 again! 

As I sat back in pure comfort for my four plane trips on tiny commuter jets which would take me from Boston to Kansas City and back, via exotic interim destinations such as Cincinnati and Charlotte, I realized how lucky I was.  Not only did I have over a centimeter of spare space all around me in these economy seats, I had the opportunity to personally sample perhaps hundreds of various winter illnesses as my neighbors coughed, sneezed, and hacked their way through the (entire) flight.  And not only that, I had outstanding reading material available to me – the label on the discomfort bag, and a 2012 SkyMall magazine, for example.

And this brings me to one of the highlights of my trip.  By the way, this was a visit to the Kansas City PMI Chapter to talk about sustainability in project management.  And despite the sarcasm above, I really am glad to have had the opportunity.

And now back to that seat-pocket airline reading material.  In both US Air and Delta’s in-flight magazines, I was thrilled to see advertisements for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which was in turn touting its participation in a program called EcoCAR 2.  Really.  I was truly proud to see this reference and Dave and I are indeed proud to be associated with this program.

We are excited to be back and to work with the EcoCAR 2 teams – their students, advisors, the sponsors, and the organizers.  We look forward to what we assert will be a fun and interesting experience as we dive a little deeper into some of the ‘softer’ skills of managing a project like a new product development.  And softer skills – well, you have probably noticed already – softer skills can be pretty hard.  We hope to take off the edge a bit with some examples, exercises, and activities which are aimed at these soft skills.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight! See you in Austin!