EcoCAR 2 At the Electric Drive Conference

Virginia Tech’s EcoCAR 2 vehicle sat alongside the latest and greatest electric vehicles last week in Washington, DC at the 2013 Electric Drive Conference and Annual Meeting.

EcoCAR 2 was on exhibit at last week’s EDTA Conference,  which brings industry leaders and policy makers together to accelerate electrification in the automobile. The Virginia Tech vehicle was on display, showcasing the vehicle’s series parallel plug-in hybrid architecture.  The vehicle uses an UQM PowerPhase 125 electric motor with an 18.3 kWh A123 battery pack; after a single charge the vehicle can run for about 45 miles in electric-only mode.  The vehicle also uses a GM 2.4 L flex fuel engine which kicks in automatically when the battery hits a low level of charge, achieving efficient power transfer to the wheels as the engine and electric motors are combined at different times.

The conference was a great opportunity to showcase the electric properties of one of the EcoCAR 2 entries, and to connect with competition sponsor Bosch, who also had a presence at the conference.