EcoCAR 2 at the SAE Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium

By Patrick Walsh, Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory

As an engineer who is passionate about sustainable transportation, I was very charged up to attend and speak at the SAE Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium in San Diego this week. OEMs, suppliers and other companies at the forefront of hybrid vehicle engineering were all present to showcase their products and knowledge. I got the chance to speak for a few minutes about some electrifying results from EcoCAR, The NeXt Challenge, specifically how successful the top teams were in reducing the environmental impact of the stock vehicle, as well as educate the symposium attendees on our current EcoCAR 2 competition. Additionally, I helped staff our EcoCAR 2 booth display and educate anyone interested in advanced vehicle technology competitions.

As a competition graduate, it was also great to see the old EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge vehicle from my alma mater, Virginia Tech, on display. The amount of interest in competitions, both at our EcoCAR 2 booth and at the vehicle display, was overwhelming. Based on what I saw this week, the industry definitely recognizes the incredible value of this competition, and the high level of experience of its graduates. I want to encourage all the teams to keep up the fantastic work, and continue to make the organizers proud!