EcoCAR 2 Brings Waterloo and GKN Driveline Together to Develop Green Vehicle Technologies and World-Class Graduates

With the EcoCAR 2 competition well into its final year, the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) is reaping the rewards of its unique collaboration with GKN Driveline. The video below is a brief look into how GKN and other sponsors are key to the success of UWAFT, EcoCAR 2 and Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions.

UWAFT is one of two teams from Canada which has risen to the EcoCAR 2 challenge. Comprised of students from the Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier Universities, UWAFT’s goal is to provide world-class training for students in engineering, business and communications.

GKN sees EcoCAR 2 as an excellent opportunity to showcase their technologies by providing EcoCAR 2 teams with their state-of-the-art gearboxes designed specifically for electric motors. UWAFT is unique among the other EcoCAR 2 teams because it uses two of GKN’s gearboxes. The expertise and sponsorship that GKN provides have been essential to the successful design of the UWAFT vehicle’s complex powertrain.

GKN also benefits from its support of EcoCAR 2: students who have participated in the competition are experts in advanced vehicles, well-trained and ready to work for GKN. The competition also gives GKN a platform to explore additional projects with universities, national laboratories and other competition sponsors.

UWAFT would like to thank GKN and Joe Palazzolo, Chief Engineer, eDrive Systems at GKN Driveline, for hosting the video shoot in Auburn Hills, Michigan and for giving the team the unique opportunity to see their world-class facility.