EcoCAR 2 brings Waterloo and Magna Together to Develop Green Vehicle Technologies and World-Class Graduates

With EcoCAR 2 well into its second year, the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team has had a unique collaboration with Magna Powertrain through the build phase of the competition. The video below is a brief highlight of how Magna and other sponsors are a crucial key to the success of the UWAFT team.

Waterloo’s team is comprised of students from both the University of Waterloo and Wilford Laurier University. These students not only tackle the engineering challenges of developing a next generation green vehicle, but also the business and communication challenges of running a student-led professional venture.

Waterloo’s success in EcoCAR 2 would not be possible without the generous support of Magna Powertrain. Magna sees green vehicle technologies and powertrains as key to reducing oil consumption and our environmental impact. They provide EcoCAR 2 schools access to cutting-edge green vehicle powertrain components such as traction motors with full engineering support and mentorship. Specifically, Magna helped Waterloo design a lightweight composite battery enclosure. The company’s support allowed the team to save significant weight over initial battery enclosure designs.

The support Magna brings to EcoCAR 2 not only benefits the schools, but also Magna itself. The students graduating from EcoCAR 2 are experts in advanced vehicles and the engineering process, and they are ready to work for Magna. These students also know about Magna’s expertise and know exactly who to turn to in future projects. The competition provides a platform to explore additional projects with Universities, National Labs and other competition sponsors, who are also Magna customers.

Waterloo would like to thank Magna’s Stronach Centre for Innovation and Jud Whitesite for hosting the video shoot in Aurora, Ontario. Waterloo would also like to thank Bob Storc, senior manager at Magna for appearing in this video to talk about Magna’s invaluable role in EcoCAR 2.