EcoCAR 2 from a Freshman Perspective

By Mississippi State’s Wesley Haney

Joining a large EcoCAR 2 Team like Mississippi State’s can be very intimidating for a freshman. With helpful team members and grad students, however, working on the advanced programs and concepts behind EcoCAR 2 is an enjoyable challenge.

While I had a significant amount of CAD experience when my first semester at Mississippi State began, I was unfamiliar with implementing CAD into real-world designs. Since I joined the EcoCAR 2 team I have had many opportunities to assist with CAD work. Now I have a solid understanding of all of the subsystems in our vehicle.

In addition to the invaluable experience I’ve gained, I have also been fortunate enough to travel with the team to Detroit and Austin for Year One workshops. The specialized training I received through these events has significantly increased my knowledge of CAD. These travel opportunities have also allowed me to network with potential employers and even secure a summer intern position with platinum sponsor A123 Systems! I am proof that even for the most junior team members, EcoCAR 2 is a fun and rewarding program that offers a many benefits, including unmatched hands-on experience.