EcoCAR 2 Reveals Holiday Gift to Students

In the spirit of the holidays, EcoCAR 2 organizers would like to give two presents to teams this year!

The first gift is a redesigned EcoCAR 2 website! Continuing with the same URL,, the redesigned website features a wide variety of new and exciting things. Interested in learning about the Executive Steering Committee? Head over to the ‘About Us’ section to read each member’s bio! The new website also features an exclusive ‘Sponsors’ page with the latest sponsors of EcoCAR 2.

We aren’t done yet! Wonder where each university is located? Visit the ‘Teams’ page to learn more about each of the 15 universities involved in EcoCAR 2! Teams can also find out the latest EcoCAR 2 news by visiting the ‘Media Center’ section on the website for everything media!

The website also features an in-depth AVTC history page, including descriptions of each competition since 1988 and a Google map with every school involved since the beginning. Once you are done looking at the History page, head on over the AVTC Alumni section to read the latest “Where Are They Now” blog postings, join the AVTC Alumni Facebook, sign up for the AVTC Alumni mailing list, or get connected with past Alumni on the AVTC LinkedIn page.

As for the second gift, EcoCAR 2 would like to announce it will be donating a new Brusa battery charger to each of the teams, thanks to co-sponsors Brusa and Metric Mind, as well as other EcoCAR 2 sponsors! The Brusa NLG-513 battery charger will come with mains cable, battery cables, and the charger itself. Each charger costs roughly $4,500, which equals about $67,500 for all 15 teams! Now that is some holiday gift!

Enjoy the presents and happy holidays from the EcoCAR 2 organizers!