EcoCAR 2 Teams Get in the Earth Day Spirit!

Earth Day is coming up on Sunday, 4/22, and many EcoCAR 2 teams are pitching in to promote the cause! We like to think that every day is Earth Day here at EcoCAR 2, but check out what these teams are doing to make North America greener:

  • For Earth Day the UVIC team will be featured in an Alumni event in Vancouver, where they will demonstrate the green nature the University. The team will have a Green Technology focus and will engage various industry professionals who were once students at the University of Victoria, with the goal of spreading awareness and building connections for future events.
  • Earth Day turns into an Earth Week at the University of Waterloo, and UWAFT will travel to a Mississauga High School on April 24 to present to science and technology students about the EcoCAR 2 competition, the environmental impacts of transportation and why the fields of science, technology and environmental studies are important. Dan Mepham from General Motors will also be present with a Chevrolet Volt so that students can check the car out and learn more about it and what benefits it has to offer.
  • HEVT will attend the majority of the Earth Week events that the Environmental Coalition club is putting on at Virginia Tech. The team is also hosting an April 24 event with VA Clean Cities on April 24. They are inviting organizations and coalitions from all over the New River Valley and Roanoke area to come to a sustainability social where they will speak about their missions to further sustainability and environmentalism.
  • The University of Washington holds a large annual event for Earth Day. In the center of campus, there will be many vendors, music, guest speakers and more.  UW EcoCAR 2 will set up a booth with swag and fliers as well as outreach and engineers on hand. They may even bring the electric car the team built last year!
  • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville will attend Oak Ridge National Laboratory Earth Day on April 19, Knoxville Earth Fest on April 21 and City of Oak Ridge Earth Day on April 28.
  • The Ohio State Team has a lot going on as well: On April 20, the team will be promoting eco-friendly living with brochures and swag as they show OSU students how easy it is! OSU will also present about the EcoCAR competitions and the benefits for college students of “going green” in transportation at the Changing Forward: Electric Vehicle Workshop and Showcase on April 20 in Cleveland. Finally, 83 Gallery and the OSU team are partnering for a “Green Transportation” Art Show on April 21.  Nine artists have each been given a car hood (salvaged from a junk yard by the OSU EcoCAR team) to use as their canvas for “green art.” Recycling these hoods into art saves them from the landfill, demonstrating sustainability, renewal and green living!
  • Rose-Hulman’s EcoCAR 2 team already participated in Indiana State University’s Earth Day celebration on April 11!  They set up a display table and gave out Rose-Hulman EcoCAR 2 EcoBags and educated the community on the program. On April 21, the team will be taking part in the Northwest Indiana Earth Day Celebration in Valparaiso.  They will have a booth at the Porter County Expo Center along with several other exhibitors.

Hopefully the EcoCAR 2 teams have set a great example for others looking to promote Earth Day. Have a great weekend, and happy Earth Day 2012!