EcoCAR 2 Welcomes New Sponsor GKN Driveline

A new bronze sponsor has joined the stellar roster of companies and organizations supporting EcoCAR 2: GKN Driveline! As a pioneer in advanced electric and hybrid drivelines (powertrain components excluding the transmission and the engine), GKN Driveline is a perfect fit for the EcoCAR 2 competition. GKN Driveline will provide eTransmissions and technical support to three university teams (University of Waterloo, University of Washington and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University) as well as financial support to the EcoCAR 2 Program.

“We are very pleased to hear GKN Driveline is sponsoring the competition,” said Gurhari Singh, team leader for the University of Waterloo’s Alternative Fuels Team. “Thanks to their compact gearboxes, Waterloo managed to package an electric motor, engine and generator under the hood with ease. Their technical support has been outstanding and engineering guidance invaluable. We look forward to partnering with GKN Driveline over the next three years and beyond.”

GKN Driveline employs 22,000 people in 23 countries to design, develop and manufacture standardized products including eAxles and eTransmissions for electric vehicles. To learn more, visit the GKN Driveline website or follow the company on Twitter: @GKN_Driveline. We’re excited to be working with yet another automotive innovator!