EcoCAR 3 Students Spent the Summer Interning at Argonne National Laboratory

IMG_0747 (00000003)Tom Gorgia, engineering manager from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Alyse Waldhorn, project manager from Wayne State University, spent the summer interning for the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC) group at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). Situated just outside of Chicago, ANL is home to several different research facilities including the Advanced Photon Source, Tandem Linear Accelerator System and the Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center.

IMG_0713 - TomTom spent the summer leading several different technical projects. Tom primarily worked with Trevor Crain, AVTC Vehicle Testing and Controls Engineer, to write two SAE papers. The first is centered on the 7-cycle utility factor while the other deals with engine on/off strategies. He also developed a finite element analysis training guide in addition to a collection of AVTC thesis papers, both of which will be available to teams in the fall. Lastly, he prepared safety tech documentation to be used for Year 2 Final Competition. Outside of ANL, Tom had fun going to both the Cubs and White Sox games, visiting notable sites such as Millennium Park, Willis Tower and, of course, studying the difference between the New York and Chicago-style pizza.

IMG_0705 - AlyseAlyse spent the last few months spearheading several different projects in the areas of project management and business development. Alyse’s main project was to further develop the AVTC historical database, a tool used to retain contact and gain information about alumni. She reached out to former faculty advisors, compiled data and performed statistics on this information. Alyse also assembled an on-boarding procedure for students new to AVTCs in addition to a collection of AVTC published papers, both of which will be available to teams this fall. She also spent time researching grants and assisting the AVTC team in day-to-day activities. Outside of work, Alyse enjoyed venturing out into the numerous different Chicago neighborhoods, going to festivals, art museums and learning about the city’s historic architecture.