EcoCAR Blows Off Steam Aboard Lord Hornblower

Last night was a nice break from the chaos of the competition. Teams, faculty and organizers were treated to a dinner cruise aboard Lord Hornblower!  The boat departed around 6:30pm, just in time for a beautiful sunset and scenic views of the San Diego Harbor.

Students enjoyed their temporary downtime by relaxing with an evening filled with dinner, music and fun.  With delicious food and drinks, ocean air, and no evaluations or testing, this was a wonderful treat for the students, organizers and sponsors.

While everyone mixed and mingled, some students discussed upcoming events and others shared stories of the victories and triumphs they’ve encountered during the competition. Most of the teams have been working on their projects for months and don’t often get a chance to spend time with other competitors with whom they share a common ground.

Competition finals allow the teams to not only meet face-to-face, but share valuable insights with each other about what they’ve learned and how they’ve dealt with difficult situations. Here students can build lifelong friendships and networks that they will draw on in their future careers.  Last night’s cruise provided just that opportunity, while also rejuvenating teams and faculty for the second leg of the competition.

EcoCAR students, sponsors and organizers all took in the gorgeous view of San Diego Harbor on Monday night.