EcoCAR Delivery Coincides with Ecolympics at WVU!

Monday, October 5, WVU’s EcoCAR team received their GM-donated vehicle. Coincidentally, the car arrived on the same day that the university kicked off Ecolympics,the annual WVU campus conservation competition.


The WVU EcoCAR team eagerly waited in the parking lot outside of their workshop on the Evansdale campus in front of the Engineering Sciences Building. When the delivery truck finally pulled up and the students saw the car for the first time, their excitement was visible.

The donated vehicle was rolled out of the truck and students instantly surrounded it. “We started looking over the car immediately after it arrived on site, and everyone wanted to stay late to do some work on the vehicle,” said team captain Brody Conklin.The team is happy to finally have their car, and they are looking forward to implementing their designs.

“We’re all aware that there may be many long nights ahead working on the car, but our team is dedicated to their work, and everyone is very excited to get started with the vehicle,” concluded Conklin.

The WVU Ecolympics is a university-wide competition that encourages students to be more environmentally conscious. Other Ecolympics events include recycling collections and clothing drives.


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