EcoCAR Kicks Things Off with a Welcome Night at Abel’s

Austin is home to great barbecue, live music, and a thriving downtown area. This week, Austin is extending its down-home hospitality to almost 200 students, sponsors, and organizers for EcoCAR 2.

The 2013 Winter Workshop is in full swing, providing the students with a schedule full of educational presentations on hardware and software they will be using for the remainder of Year Two, as well as sessions on leadership, team work, and handling business and communication areas of the team. In turn, students will present to judges on their status thus far.

Freescale and dSPACE, Inc. are co-hosting this week’s workshop at Freescale’s facilities, and both sponsors have provided a host of other resources to ensure the week runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Last night, everyone met at Abel’s on the Lake, where students socialized and mingled with sponsors in the fantastic warm weather. Views of the Town Lake provided a backdrop for a relaxed evening where competition participants could touch base with each other, trade stories of what’s happened with their team so far this year, and discuss their plans for what they want to get out of the workshop.

It’s a packed week in Austin, but it’s an important milestone in the year, one that gives teams the tools they need to successfully complete Year Two of the competition. The Green Garage Blog will be a busy place this week too, so check back often for updates, pictures, and videos.